Swinging Taransay

On board Taransay the evening of the party for the coming sailing, the Charleston and its irresistible snare drumming made all the feathers dance, on the elegant and fanciful hats of the ladies invited at the party, to the syncopated rythm of Rag-Time.

The desire to escape had affected also the highest social environments, so much so that perfectly poised card players were now going wild, like screaming girls under a stage, while hair and skirts were impatiently aiming to be short.

In those days, Taransay was greeting the aspirations to break the tradition, expressing through its renewed stylistic shapes and techical wonders of mechanics, a human need for modernity, yet deeply aware of its past history. The „new“ was about to make its triumphal entrance from the main hall.

On board the Taransay, that evening, history was condensed in one spot of presence, in an absolute position in relation to the constant flowing of time. Flashing with style, the boat was speaking a new language to all, foreboding anticipatory energies, dictating customs, marking times, showing that new logic articulation between elements which made it a supratemporal object. Taransay was sea punctuation, the grammar of renewal, an exclamation mark moored to the blue.

Inside Taransay

The Launch

Viareggio, Saturday 18 April 2015

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Naval Architecture


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